i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

"Treat yourself with kindness.
Be gentle with yourself.
Be your own best friend.
Believe the best of you."

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  • Guy: I like manly things.
  • Me: what?
  • Guy: Things that embody manliness.
  • Me: Groannnnn
""assigned" is actually a term for intersex people, who were assigned a sex at birth by means of surgery. its a term that has been appropriated by the trans* community. it’s better to use the phrase "designated (female or male) at birth" to refer to trans* and nonbinary people!"

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I should keep this in mind!

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Fairly certain this isn’t true. I know for a fact that CAMAB was coined by trans women, and I’m willing to guess cutting off the C doesn’t make it someone else’s word.

To quote freedominwickedness “CAMAB and CAFAB were originally created by trans women and then intersex people started identifying with them and started saying they created them so that they wouldn’t be associated with trans women. So yeah, there are those who consider it appropriative, but it’s because they’re transmisogynists. Anyone can use CAXAB language, because everyone is coercively assigned a gender at birth (i.e. no one chooses the gender they’re assigned), although for some it is more coercive than for others.”

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"defined" or "declared" was substituted to produce "DFAB" and "DMAB" and the objection then shifted to the "AB" part. At that point, the trans women involved who were in my circle of friends saw it as being an objection to trans women claiming they were assigned an incorrect gender at least at the earliest point in their lives and, possibly, at all.

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Yeah, a few months ago we had this spate of people trying to take any words we used so all we’d be left with is “man” for camab trans people.

Like They wanted CAMAB, then AMAB, then DMAB. Someone did that last one like a day after I joked about it happening.

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The thing that really gets me is how much people want to believe this. How badly they want to be “supporting” intersex (or any) people over trans people. Because nobody ever questions the idea that “assignment” refers exclusively to surgical alteration. I’ve seen people saying that the “assigned” in “assigned at birth” literally refers to surgery (how?), and therefore intersex people are the only people whose sex is assigned at birth.

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when a family member asks if you have a girlfriend and your gay ass is like




Hey, I’m looking for stories, books, movies, web series— anything that features a healthy relationship between queer men. I just want to see some healthy relationships for once— where I’m not groaning about how shitty x character is treating y.

I’m really frustrated…

Yea I have seen the outs, and I did enjoy it. I miss you too Danny!

Hey, I’m looking for stories, books, movies, web series— anything that features a healthy relationship between queer men. I just want to see some healthy relationships for once— where I’m not groaning about how shitty x character is treating y.


Here’s a masterpost of all the movies, writings, speeches, and shows featuring the loveliest lady around: Laverne Cox. Please feel free to tell me if any of the links are bad(unfound movies/shows: Carla, Grand Street, and I Want to Work for Diddy).

Musical Chairs(2011) // The Exhibitionists(2012) // 36 Saints(2013)

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit(Closet) // Law & Order(Sweetie) // Bored to Death(Stockholm Syndrome) // TRANSform Me(NicoleChristinaCarissaMarleceLindseyTiffanyJackiePhaea)

orange is the new black
season 1(I Wasn’t ReadyTit Punch, Lesbian Request DeniedBlood Donut, The Chickening, WAC PackFucksgivingBora Bora BoraCan’t Fix Crazy) // season 2(Looks Blue, Tastes Red, Hugs Can Be DeceivingA Whole Other Hole, You Always Have a PizzaComic SansAppropriately Sized Pots, Little Mustachioed ShitTake a Break from Your ValuesIt Was the ChangeWe Have Manners. We’re Polite.)

The Bullies Don’t Draw a Distinction // Lorena Escalera: A Life that Mattered // Trans Womanhood on Trial: Transmisogyny in the Assault Trial of Former FDNY Firefighter Taylor Murphy // Black, LGBT, American: Laverne Cox // Gender Anti-Anxiety Medicine // Transgender Freedom Riders: The Fight for Transgender Equality in New York State // Everybody’s Trans: Gender Oppression Hurts All of Us // Cece McDonald: Survivor and Leader // Hung up on Our Bullies // The Right to Dream: Jenna Talackova’s Miss Universal Slight

Laverne Cox at Creating Change 2014 // Hampshire College 2014 Commencement // Bullying and Being a Trans Woman of Color // Laverne Cox at Trans 100 // My Journey to Womanhood

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omg did u see that ghost

When I saw that and thought it can’t get better

it did

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QuestionSo in an ally relationship, how do you decide who's the Macklemore and who's the Ryan Louis? Answer


As you’re probably aware, there’s a lot of debate in the ally community about whether Macklemore or Ryan Lewis better exemplifies allydom in it’s purest form. While Macklemore vocally supports gay and ally rights, Ryan Lewis, as his sidekick, is kind of an ally ally. In an ally relationship, I’d say the Macklemore is the one “wearing the pants” if you’ll allow that phrase.